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The Journal of Physiotherapy & Sports Medicine (JOPSM) is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in the field of physiotherapy, clinical research, therapeutic practice, sports medicine and academic training. Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture or academic thesis).

JOPSM endorses the CONSORT Statement and please refer to the CONSORT web link ( for reporting of randomized trials.

Types of submission includes:
  • Original Articles: present new information that makes a substantial contribution to the body of the knowledge on the subject. Papers should be divided into the following sections: Introduction; Methods; Results; Discussion. Authors submitting randomized controlled trials should follow the CONSORT statement.
  • Review Articles describe and evaluate previously published material in order to suggest new approaches or ideas and should not be a simple repetition of readily available information.
  • Case Reports integrate basic science knowledge with patient assessment and treatment.
  • Clinical Perspectives are invited, clinically relevant topics that use evidence based criteria to describe examination or treatment making processes.
  • Letters to Editor. JOPSM welcomes correspondence pertaining to issues of interest to readers. Letters are subject to review. Letters concerning a previously published article are forwarded to the author for a letter of reply. After favourable editorial review, both letters will be published.
  • Media Reviews. Books and other material submitted for review should be sent to the editorial offices.
  • Thesis Reviews. JOPSM invites reviews of Master’s and doctoral theses relevant to the field of physiotherapy and sports medicine. Thesis reviews may be written by the researcher or another author and should discuss the relevance of the thesis to clinical practice.
  • Information exchange. JOPSM also welcomes other types of communication that aid in the exchange of ideas and information such as announcements of upcoming meetings and international, national, and local news of interest to readers.

Word Count

Submissions should not exceed the following word count, please note that these word counts do not include references or figures/tables

  • Original Research Articles using quantitative data - 3500 words
  • Original Research Articles using qualitative data - 4000 words
  • Reviews - 3500 words, but Systematic Reviews may be longer, up to 4000 words
  • Technical and measurement notes - 2000 words
  • Case reports and professional issues - 2000 words
  • Letters to the Editors - 500 words

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