Welcome to the website of Postgraduate Institute of Physiotherapy, we are the team of professional chartered physiotherapists working in the United Kingdom promoting and uplifting the physiotherapy profession in developing countries particularly in South Asia. Our well trained and qualified physiotherapists conduct postgraduate courses in various countries. The courses ranged from Musculoskeletal Manual Therapy to Sports Physiotherapy. The basic aim is to provide an evidenced-based way of practice and education to physiotherapy societies of developing nation so that they can uplift the profession and become the contributors to the profession.

We also conduct courses for graduates who had their graduation physiotherapy degree of three years or four years and want to pursue their careers in any Western country but can't do so because of some educational deficiencies in their degrees. We assist and guide you with professional body registration for the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zeland. We also run Webinars for the individual country registration process.

Our Next Webinar is on HCPC Registration for International Trained Physiotherapist - A Guide.

Further information on professional registrations can be found here.

Our main objectives are:

The advancement of education in the field of physiotherapy for the benefit of the public, in particular by:

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