Perception of Physical Therapists about Professional Growth & Development in developing countries: Example from Pakistan


The purpose of study was to explore the perception of physiotherapist for the professional growth and development as an individual physiotherapists and the development of physiotherapy as a profession in Pakistan. A secondary aim was to explore the necessary efforts required for professional development in future. Cross-sectional survey was completed in three months. One hundred Physiotherapists participated in the study. Purposive sampling was used and Structured Questionnaire (close ended) was selected as a data collection tool. Necessary measures were taken to ensure the accuracy, reliability and validity of the data collection and analysis. In Pakistan, novice and senior physical therapists are facing problems in their professional practice. Some efforts have done for the professional growth by some associations and individuals which were not very productive. The growth and development is influenced significantly by professional abilities and potential of professionals. Participants reported that they were not satisfied with their earnings and quality of education. The major reasons were the lack of resources, intra and inter coordination among associations, limited opportunity of formal and informal continuous professional development and research activities. Participants stated that the struggle for the regulatory body will be the best achievement to foster advancements in physical therapy practice, research, and education. Mostly the participants were hopeful to foresee their profession developed and standardized system of professional education and practice. Thus future will bring many long years of professional growth and development in the country. The study presents a unique contribution to knowledge relating to evidence about the perception of physiotherapist about their professional development in developing country. It also shows how development process depends on professional abilities and potential of professionals. The findings from this study will inform the planners and leaders of the profession about the needs of physiotherapist and the undervalued areas in the professional development will be addressed.

Key words: Developing countries, Physiotherapists, Professional growth & development.

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