Foundation Course in Western Medical Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Pain Conditions

This course introduces the theoretical and practical principles of acupuncture treatment, its scientific and philosophical background as well as its place within therapeutic management and contemporary healthcare.

This course is designed to offer a sound, safe and effective background in the use of acupuncture techniques within a Western Scientific, evidence based framework for the management of pain. Basic Traditional Chinese Philosophies and terms will be referenced, but will not be taught in depth. This course will offer Healthcare Professionals an added dimension to their core skills in the management of acute and chronic pain conditions and should always be used within the scope of practice.

By the end of the course the participant will be expected to be able to:

· Demonstrate the safe application of acupuncture needling

· Demonstrate scientific, evidence based underpinning for the use of acupuncture intervention

· Review current research paper for the efficacy of acupuncture

· Critically appraise recent research in the area of musculo-skeletal pain management

· Relate the neuro-physiologic application of acupuncture to acute and chronic pain processes

The course requires ALL students to receive and administer needling. Students should not attend the course if there is any reason that prevents full participation

The course is NOT suitable for participants who are pregnant