Management of Advanced Stage Osteoarthritis of Knee: Efficacy of Integrated Physical Therapy Treatment


Osteoarthritis (OA) of knee is a major musculoskeletal problem which almost every physical therapist encounters during his or her daily practice. The emphasizes of this study is to find out  the efficacy of integrated physical therapy interventions for the management of osteoarthritis knee disease at advance stages (Grade IV).The patient presented in this case study is a 85 year old, an obese male with OA symptoms in bilateral knees. Physical examinations revealed characteristic signs of advanced osteoarthritic disease in both knee with resting pain 8/10 on visual analog scale (VAS) and activity of daily livings (ADLs) were severely restricted. Physical therapy Treatment was designed with integrated protocol consisting of acupuncture treatment with physical therapy interventions using combined approach to control symptoms. After 6 week, the patient demonstrated considerable improvement in all outcome measures: pain, stiffness, tenderness, basic ADLs except advanced functional activities (IADLS). The patient maintained the improved condition in 12 week follows up through advised exercises plan and life style modification strategies.


Keywords: Advanced OA knee, Acupuncture, Chronic Pain Management, Physical Therapy Treatment